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Missing in Action

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The candidates are constantly reviewed.
The questions raised by analysts include:
Will Pat Buchanan matter as a mauler?
Will Gore now go to lifts 'cause Bradley's taller?
Should Bush say of his transcript, "Though it's weak,
I didn't do so badly for a Deke"?
The pundits say that Gary Bauer's clever
And Forbes has gotten dorkier than ever.
McCain's discussed in every last dispatch.
But what about Hatch?

About the Author

Calvin Trillin
Calvin Trillin, the author of Random House's Deciding the Next Decider: The 2008 Presidential Election in Rhyme,...

To all of this Hatch really seems quite foreign.
There's Al, there's George, there's Bill, but is there Orrin?
With Quayle and Dole removed, the field's unclogging.
So does Hatch mean to run, or is he jogging?
Does Hatch have in his heart a hope that flickers?
If so, where are his troops, his bumper stickers?
Just what with his campaign might be ensuing?
Just what's going on? Just what's this turkey doing?
Is this horse in the race, or do we scratch?
So what about Hatch?

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