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Permanent Minority.

About the Author

David Sirota
David Sirota is a journalist, nationally syndicated weekly newspaper columnist, and radio host. His weekly column is...

Also by the Author

Long before Sarah Palin, pop culture of the 1980s valorized “going rogue.” Americans are still paying the price.

Can a populist uprising flourish in a sector traditionally hostile to collective action?

Organizations that purport to speak for Democrats, like the Democratic Leadership Council, are still employing people like Marshall Wittmann, a former GOP staffer and top official for the Christian Coalition. On December 2 Wittmann was quoted by the Washington Post saying that those who support an exit strategy from Iraq are "offering surrender"--a pure regurgitation of a dishonest right-wing talking point.

Toward the Majority.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi courageously joined Representative John Murtha in demanding withdrawal from Iraq.

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