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Permanent Minority.

About the Author

David Sirota
David Sirota is a journalist, nationally syndicated weekly newspaper columnist, and radio host. His weekly column is...

Also by the Author

Long before Sarah Palin, pop culture of the 1980s valorized “going rogue.” Americans are still paying the price.

Can a populist uprising flourish in a sector traditionally hostile to collective action?

Clintonites Elaine Kamarck and William Galston published yet another in a series of self-serving reports demanding that Democrats abandon their base, move to the so-called center and appeal to "swing voters." The move reinforced dishonest stereotypes of the center as being far to the right of where it actually is and served as a stimulus for right-wing publications like the Washington Times to push the Democratic Party to be yet more conservative.

Toward the Majority

. Every Senate Democrat (except two who were absent) voted for Senator Ted Kennedy's proposal to raise the minimum wage; all but three Republicans voted against it. The unity draws a clear contrast between Democrats and Republicans on this critical economic issue.

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