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The Roberts Court—out of step—no longer needed

For centuries, the Supreme Court of the United States was held as the pinnacle of jurisprudence, prepared to study and analyze the problems of American society in a learned and expert manner and to produce a solution that solves the problem, no matter the size or the complexity of the issue. That’s what made it one of the strongest institutions our system of government was known for. An alleged fair eye and dispassionate arbiter.

No more.

Today, the Supreme Court has been chipped away at, plundered by almost hysterical ramblings of unqualified legal teams trying to burnish their own names at the expensive of all else, twisted into an institution that is used to push the harsh, anti-humane agendas of people and values that have made it their calling in life to stop the progress of our entire nation. This will not continue.

People all over the country are mobilizing to come and stay in Washington to defend that Court and what it is supposed to stand for. And to rid our nation by whatever means required of those that are working so very hard to diminish her. They will not succeed.

Ron Baldwin


May 3 2014 - 9:10am

Right versus remedy

I think the author has missed an important point. Affirmative action is a remedy available for violation of a constitutional right. Equal protection under the law is a constitutional right the violation of which entitles the victim to a remedy. The Michigan case says selection of remedy is voluntary; it says nothing about a minorities’ right to equal protection.


Atlanta, GA

May 2 2014 - 12:58pm

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