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Hamas must stop

I disagree with Chris Hayes’s position that Israel’s response to Hamas’s constant bombardment of rockets into Israel is inappropriate, that the killing of Palestinian civilians is a consequence of Israel’s overreach, and that the Palestinian civilians have no culpability for the violence. Hamas has made no secret of its desire to destroy Israel and has been shooting rockets into Israel for months. Israel has the right and responsibility to protect its citizens.

Years ago Israel withdrew from Gaza and turned the territory over to the Palestinians, who elected Hamas as their government. Instead of focusing its energies on establishing a functioning country, Hamas spends its money on weapons to be used against Israel. In spite of Hamas’s inability to govern effectively and create a viable economy, the network newspeople report that the majority of the civilians in Gaza support and would re-elect the organization.

Hamas is solely responsible for the retaliation from Israel; when Hamas stops launching rockets into Israel, Israel will stop bombing Gaza. It is Hamas’s responsibility to protect the Palestinians, and the way to do that is to stop launching rockets into Israel. To blame Israel for Palestinian casualties is unfair and illogical. Israel did not initiate the violence; Hamas did. Chris Hayes’s comments to the Rabbi on his August 1 evening program were wrong-headed and offensive.

Paula Hannah

Aug 2 2014 - 1:10am

US foreign policy sets the world on fire

I don’t have the intention of writing an essay, and not even a letter, since there’s too much written concerning the subject, and too little done with any practical outcome.

I just want to point out a few disconcerting hypocrisies of US foreign policy, which from not only my point of view includes a lot of bla-bla and nothing positive.

I read in yesterday’s paper that the United States has sent Israel a batch of artillery ordnance. Most of the weapons used in the Gaza massacre were US-made or Israeli copies of them. And then there’s the annual military aid and the $3 billion annual transfer. So from my point of view, it’s America who is carrying on the killing in Gaza, with Jewish aid.

This isn’t just my lonely and biased opinion, as the State Department would surely call it; it’s all of my post-graduate pupils’ opinion as well as that of all the people I talk to.

You invaded and destroyed Iraq, leaving it in the hands of ISIS; the same happened with Afghanistan and the Taliban; you meddled in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Etiopia and Sudan, just to mention a few of your “humanitarian” interventions.

Finally, your attitude and actions are leading to open war fron Iraq to the Mediterranean. I don’t know if this is your intention, though it looks like it. What I absolutely do not understand is what you plan to obtain from this.

Eduardo Arias


Aug 1 2014 - 12:13pm

So Israel is the terrorist now?

What kind of drivel are you reporting?

As Norman Podhoertz noted in his podcast, if Israel put down its arms and surrendered, the Muslims will kill them to the last man, woman and child, without hesitation, without remorse—what would happen? There would be peace.

That is all you need to know.

The Palestinians knowingly harbor terrorists in their midst who fire rockets and outfit suicide bombers against Israel. Oftentimes killing other Muslims who can actually find profitable work in Israel. Imagine you are sitting in Washington, DC, and you are being continually attacked by rockets and suicide bombers from Richmond. Do you think the people in DC would sit by for one minute before wiping them from the face of the earth.

Also, how can you possibly defend people who use children as suicide bombers and as human shields? Or who put their command post under a hospital? The US military would never use civilians as cover and have repeatedly put themselves at risk in Iraq and Afganistan to avoid doing exactly that. Muslim terrorists? Not so much.

It’s bad enough living in this gray world that liberal-minded people like you have sought to create. But I will not accept you crossing the line to make the good guys the bad guys and the bad guys the good guys. I seem to recall Goethe or Nietzsche has something to say about a society that does that… and it wasn’t good.

You are going to find in the coming years that you and yours have pushed the conservative, church-going, patriotic, law-abiding, civilized people of this world one too many times and we are going to start pushing back, and when we do there won’t be room in that world for people that apologize for terrorists and make excuses for evil and besmirch the people that are fighting the good fight and are trying to maintain civilization in this stupid world.

Chris Hanson

Bismarck, ND

Jul 31 2014 - 3:40pm