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What’s it to US?

“For this to happen, Washington and Moscow must recognize that the other side has legitimate grievances and interests.” I find very obvious Russia’s “grievances and interests,” but not Washington’s, especially as Ukraine is rather distant from the US and borders Russia. I think the United States wants to expand its economic imperialism; not legitimate, in my opinion.

Bernard Cleyet

Salinas, CA

Mar 25 2014 - 2:00pm

Mission accomplished?

In the ninth century, a Viking prince, (St.) Volodomyr the Great, traveled south along the Dnipro River and established the Kievan Rus kingdom, with Kiev as its capitol. (He attained sainthood for establishing the Byzantine Catholic religion as the one and only throughout the land.) Succeeding generations, like most kingdoms splintered as sons and sons of sons, bickered, fought treacherously at times, establishing separate kingdoms, and so was born Russia, with Moscow as its capital.

Crimea was once a part of the Kievan Rus (Ukraine) kingdom before the Mongol horde’s western invasion, after which the Tatars became the primary inhabitants. As for Russia, Moscow always sought to rule beyond their cold and icy realm and Ukraine was the region’s most sought-after jewel. So the true goal here is to control what Russian always desired and occupied.

So now, after having infiltrated the eastern half of Crimea with Russian residents whose allegiance was always with Russia, Putin invades under the pretense of rescuing Russians in Ukraine.

Well, so far they’ve succeeded; now they can take all of their citizens home. Time for a major evacuation and safe return to Russia. Isn’t that the mission?

In truth, what is happening here is an insult to all of humanity. Shame on all of us.


Kennebunk, ME

Mar 24 2014 - 1:33am

Ukraine & Obama’s hubris

To begin with, I have to compliment you for this thoughtful article on how to avoid catastrophe in Ukraine and to congratulate you for recognizing even in parenthesis the neo-Nazi elements of the current interim government of Ukraine. One cannot expect much from a leader like Obama, who cannot even bring himself as the leader of the free world to inform Mr. Yatseniuk that we cannot help or negotiate with goverments that have constituent parts like the SVOBODA party or the paramilitary Right Sector (and we all have seen on TV what the leadership of these parties think about interacting with employees of the state that are not willing to follow their orders). Since the president does not feel too bothered by the composition of the interim Ukrainian government, and condones the hubris of Ms. Nuland (who to my knowledge maintains her position advising him), I doubt if he can listen to any thoughtful advice such as that offered in your article. Naturally, the big question is why, or what kind of president we have. But this is another subject that I would like to see your thoughts on. Meanwhile, good luck to all of us and our country, and may God help us, since our leaders are incompetent to do so.

George Katopis

Poughkeepsie, NY

Mar 21 2014 - 2:14pm

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