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The Group: On George Price


"Thomas Henry Huxley—nicknamed 'Darwin's Bulldog' for his early and vigorous support of Darwin's ideas—believed innate altruism unlikely or impossible." Clearly, Huxley was not a mother.

Michael Browne

Forestville, CA

Nov 21 2010 - 10:00pm

Re 'The Group: On George Price'


I want to commend Miriam Markowitz for her captivating and informative article discussing the biography of George Price and the issues around the theory of group selection that have dogged evolutionary biologists for so long. Her even-handed and accurate treatment of the debate lucidly informs the reader, and I regard her essay as a model for a review of a controversial scientific topic. Please let her know that she has delighted at least one reader of The Nation.

John Niles

Bethesda, MD

Oct 6 2010 - 5:10pm

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