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The GOP’s Long War Against Women and Sex

Pedophile connection to anti-abortion?

(URGENT: Has anyone heard of this campaign? http://www.protect.org/emergency & http://protect.org/tech)

It is no coincidence that the same "public servants" who promote anti-abortion laws are dragging their asses on prioritizing protection of children from the pedophile industry—a fast-growing, billion-dollar, online worldwide industry. I therefore cannot help but conclude that the real force behind the anti-abortion movement is the pedophile.

All that time and energy spent on regulating sex between consenting adults (gay or not) and no concern whatsoever about a fast-growing billion-dollar business of live-streaming pedophile activities?! (Check www.protect.org/emergency and www.protect.org/tech to verify this.)

As it is well established that orphans make the best victims of pedophiles, in this economy I find it difficult to think of anti-abortion as anything but a most anti-Christian movement. Anti-abortion and the pedophile industry are closely interrelated and should always be treated as such. And this important campaign (protect.org/emergency) to end the online pedophilia business is far more deserving of support and publicity than any other issues concerning the welfare of children.

I am tired of the anti-abortion movement always getting away with their false image of concern for children when they should be taken to task for their callous disregard of the victims of the current epidemic of online pedophilia epidemic.

Kathleen Murphy

Seattle, WA

Feb 24 2012 - 2:25pm

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