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Electoral Dysfunction, 2012

Socialism spells ruin

Karl Marx said history repeats itself: first as a tragedy, second as farce. Indeed! The first attempt of radical socialism resulted horrific death and destruction in the attempt of producing the new communal man controlled by a ruling elite.

The second iteration in Western democracies is causing economic and political gridlock when the socialists run out of other people’s money and public sector rent seekers have sufficient political power to make any change difficult.

The gridlock in Washington is due to failure to adhere to the traditional vision of federalism. The fault also lies with conservatives failing to divert the impetus of progressive politics with federalism. Any proposals of expanding the social welfare state should always be greeted with cheerful equanimity by conservatives, “sure, certainly, we support it—only in your state; and if these new social programs prove to work we can adopt it in our state” —knowing all the while that the bottomless demands of big government rent seekers (core progressive constituency) will run the state’s finances into the ground.

The searing and humbling experience of bankruptcy in a few liberal states would end the farce in America.

Jake Peachey


Jan 8 2012 - 4:39pm

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