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Defending Israel (and Waiting for a Miracle)

The end of a “miracle”

By any standard the establishment of Israel in Palestine was an outstanding, unprecedented and a never-to-be-duplicated political cum military achievement for the twentieth century!

An unprecedented Judeo/Christian Zionist/colonialist/imperialist alliance—with Jews of divergent-to-conflicting political orientations from all over the world joining forces with declining colonialist and rising imperialist states of divergent political persuasions ranging from American imperialist to the communist USSR—provided Jews with a “safe haven” or an “advanced military base” in the geographical and spiritual midst of of the Middle East: Palestine.

The Zionist/Jewish dream cum imperialist long-term historical Western-Christian strategic objective was implemented through the dislocation, dispossession, disfranchisement and subjugation (DDD&S) of the majority of the indigenous population of the coveted land: Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arabs, 80 percent of the pre-conquest total population!

Israeli colonialization of Palestine launched and announced a new form, a new mode, for the birth of states and nations, which added to DDD&S the twin novelties, untried by apartheid South Africa, of importing emigrants after racial/confessional pre-selection and the denial of the indigenous population’s right to return to their homeland and to repossess their homes therein.

The impact of this “achievement” was cataclysmic and earth-shattering to  the region’s Arab population, with after-shocks that overran and traveled further unto the whole Islamic world community, leading to a case of unprecedented world polarization: Arab-Muslim/Jewish-Christian Western (imperialist); the very nemesis of the alliance that supported the colonization of Palestine in the first place.

I contend Israel will vanish through the same mechanism that gave it birth in the first place: a universal doctrinaire alliance in a severely polarized world.

As much as Israel’s birth gave rise to joyous celebrations and untold human suffering, its demise will give rise to joyous celebrations and major suffering, while proving an ipso facto biological/historical premise: the inevitable failure, the inevitable rejection of the transplant of alien bodies, by non-compatible indigenous recipient bodies.

Should history, geography and demography turn out to be the only decisive and life-giving and life-sustaining factors in the rise and death of nations, Israel will cease to exist sooner or later!

Omar Ibrahim


May 19 2012 - 12:47pm