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Your education recommendations miss some key points

I realize that your suggestions for the incoming de Blasio administration are intentionally broad. Nevertheless, as someone who has spent almost thirty-four years as a teacher, teacher trainer and activist in the city’s public school system, I was surprised by the extent to which your education recommendations omitted key problems it faces and potential solutions that exist in not-so-embryonic form. (For example, there is the extreme harm that high-stakes standardized testing has inflicted on teaching, teachers, students and their families and the alternative represented by a small group of progressive public schools that have fought for, won and maintained a waiver from the tests.) I humbly suggest that the next time your editors craft such a prescriptive policy piece that you conduct more prior, independent research, including conversations not only with progressive wonks but with grassroots practitioners and others intimately connected with workings of the city’s various systems.

Avram Barlowe

New York City

Nov 9 2013 - 7:27am

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