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–Nick Kristof’s Mother’s Day column–flowers and saving lives.   Lizz  Winstead on her mom and Sarah Palin.

–Mark Lilla in NY Review of Books with a terrific Tea Party assessment.

–Caving in:  Atty Gen Holder tells Jake Tapper this morning we need to change our Miranda rules to expand the "pubic safety" section.   Holder also counters those who say that the Taliban may not have been behind Times Square bomber, or at least did not give him the wildly-reported "extensive training."

–Anthony Lane of The New Yorker introduces Charles Dickens to Nick Clegg and the hung Parliament.  "But hark. That proud braying you now hear is the sound of a donkey who believes, with some justice, that it may yet get a hoof in the door."

Mike Allen today:  Obama still poised to name Kagan to SCOTUS, and here’s what backers and critics will say.    Plus Digby on her link to Goldman Sachs.   But Chuck Todd of NBC has just tweeted that "multiple" White House sources insist pick not made.

–Nick Robinson of the BBC on possible deals ‘n things to resolve Brit election mess.

–Frank Rich in Sunday column hits press for partying in D.C. at "nerdprom" while bomb nearly exploded in Times Square.   (BTW, NYT bans reporters from attending, one of the rare media outlets to do so.)


— Al Gore on the oil slick and more, "The Crisis Comes Ashore." Somehow he will survive pounding from David Frum on Bill Maher’s show last night.

–The view from a Salt Lake paper on defeat of not-rightwing-enough GOP senator Bob Bennett in Utah.

NYT hasn’t stressed this enough, but now David Sanger appears with a big piece for the Sunday Week in Review on how drone attacks in Afghan/Pakistan may be making us less safe.   Meanwhile, we’re also shooting more Afghans accidentally at checkpoints, which also doesn’t help the cause. 

–AP re-constructs White House response to oil spill.  Concludes: Obama did okay.  Not his Katrina.


–The other night we noted Jon Meacham on The Daily Show claiming that Newsweek was one of the media outlets that is a kind of Catcher in the Rye for democracy in USA.  Now here’s how Holden Caulfield might react. 


–Big NYT piece for Sunday by Scott Shane on Anwar al-Awlaki the super-influential Muslim cleric who is inspiring many to acts of terror. 


–Funny but true:   "Kanellos the Protest Dog" seems to have shown up at every recent demo in Greece. Gallery at The Guardian proves it.  Worldwide cult in the making!


—-See my new post today on newsman who  tapes that broadcast of 1951 execution featured in NYT this week.  He has committed suicide.


The original, long lost trailer–groundbreaking for the time– for Dr. Strangelove.