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—Blood-letting on the Left, as FireDogLake slams Obama for alleged slow response to oil leak, many others defend him and Steve Benen attacks Politico piece (which I linked to below) on same.

—And Ezra Klein at Wash Post asks, Why isn’t Obama using this moment to talk climate change and energy independence?

—Lot of headscratching this morning over big NYT piece that seemed to play down oil leak disaster.  Now ProPublica has discovered that foundation, a key source for story, is deeply intwined with oil industry. 

—Meanwhile, good commentary at USA  Today: Why the hell can’t oil companies clean up their messes? 

—And Jim Ridgeway reviews BP’s long sordid enviro-history.

—Pew finds that 36% of GOPers in survey have favorable view of militias. On the other hand, most have unfavorable view of "socialism" but favorable view of "progressive."

—Excerpts from upcoming book on Obama by Newsweek‘s Jon Alter.

—Only in America factoid from the NYT: Times Sq would-be bomber once worked as an accountant at Elizabeth Arden.

—Don’t miss Spencer Ackerman’s reporting from Gitmo all week.

—Great to see one of my heroes, guy I’ve interviewed and friend of The Nation, Steve Earle, on Treme this week in humble street musician role—though better suited for soapbox.


—The home team at NYT has best and latest on Pakistani-American suspect in Times Square bomb attempt arrested last night—at JFK while trying to flee USA. Even posted photo of his home in Shelton, CT in the wee hours of the morning.

—Video of Justice Dept. press conference

—Meanwhile, Juan Cole, in wake of arrests, looks at what’s happening back in Pakistan and anger against USA in Afghanistan.


—Laura Rozen at Politico: Obama to have lunch today with Elie Wiesel at White House— in response to the Nobel Prize winner saying, in full page ads, he should ease up on Israel.

—National media have been quiet about it but—several important primaries today.  Plus, the Washington, D.C. Council votes on legalizing pot.  High five!

—Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now! today, discussing secret Erik Prince (Blackwater) tape.

—How 40th anniversary of Kent State killings to be observed today at the site.


Pro Publica: At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, 4,000 new cleanup workers are landing good-paying jobs. But what they don’t know about beryllium dust—and the government’s lagging effort to keep them safe from it—could kill them.

—Nice little Media Matters-Mediaite feud going. MM has run half a dozen items on Mediaite hyping that National Enquirer "Obama affair" rumor, Mediaite backed off a bit but largely defended, and its chief, Dan Abrams hit MM in a personal note. Last night MM’s Jamison Foser responded with a blistering full critique.

—Politico in its top story naturally finds the White House in a "panic" over the oil spill. 

—Dana Milbank at Washington Post has some fun noting Gulf Coast red state officials suddenly think big fed government meddling (and money) a very good idea.

—Webby Award winners announced—Roger Ebert, Twitter, Foursquare, College Humor, more.

—We presume this will be last roundup of negative reacton to Obama’s "predator-drone" joke.

Alternet’s "10 Worst Man-Made Enviro Disasters."


—The Daily Telegraph (London): Survey finds surging Tories just 14 seats shy of a recently-unthinkable outright majority of seats in Thursday election.  

—Simon Schama in The New Yorker on "Brit Three-Way."  

—Nick Kristof on Hillary Clinton’s response to his column accusing the Obama White House of "caving" on the Sudan.


—New CBS/NYT poll finds 36% of Americans believe the new Arizona immigration law: "goes too far," 56% feel it’s "about right," and 9% think its doesn’t go "far enough." 

—New CBS Poll:  Obama approval up to 5!% but most important at  +9% among Independents, highest in long time.


—NYT editorial on Afghanistan, "The Way Out"—trainers desperately needed or effort is doomed.

—Carol Rosenberg of McClatchyU.S. medic testifies he found teen chained to door at Afghan base.

The Daily Show gets "slick."