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Ukraine: Dictators cannot be negotiated with

Nicolai N. Petro places equal blame on all parties in the Ukrainian crisis. Doing so, however, relies upon drawing a false equivalency between the corrupt Yanukovych dictatorship and the revolutionaries who appear to have overthrown that dictatorship. There are times when negotiation is not a viable option and violence is necessary. Dictators cannot be negotiated with, and there is no doubt that Yanukovych was not going to compromise or sincerely respond to the demands of the people. Armed violence was the only way that the people were going to take back democratic rule. I say that the revolutionaries who took to the street, committing acts of violence, and the MPs who took control of Parliament, will be remembered as heroes. My hope is that someday people in the US will similarly rise up and take back their government from the corrupt politicians and corporations who comprise the ruling class here.

Timothy Post

Kansas City, MO

Feb 24 2014 - 9:04pm

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