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Ban Birth Control? They Wouldn't Dare...

Oh, yes, they would indeed

Thanks for warning us that this move is afoot to ban contraception. I have long feared it was. The religious conservatives have apparently not given up their efforts to keep women barefoot and pregnant. Women still don’t officially have equal rights to men in this country and we’re lucky that we can vote, sign contracts by ourselves and sit on juries. Of course, that could change.

If you want to read some chilling examples of what happens in countries where draconian anti-abortion laws are enforced, read The Means of Reproduction, by Michelle Goldberg. Women would not be able to get abortions even in pregnancies where the fetus was unviable or in cases of tubal pregnancies. Likewise we could expect that women who had miscarriages could be arrested and tried for murder, even though miscarriages (natural abortions) are very common (something that pro-lifers don't discuss or even think about).

I guess to get around this problem, we’ll have to become lesbians and leave the pro-life men to ### each other.

Leslie Jordan

Shoreline, WA

Oct 22 2011 - 7:41pm

Ban Birth Control? They Wouldn't Dare...

They were always coming for birth control next

Way back in the 1970s and ’80s, anti-abortion groups had a clearly stated agenda: first, outlaw abortion, then the pill, IUD, other forms of birth control and, finally, the condom. I once called one of these groups circa 1981 and received a lecture and a flier listing out the the anti-contraception agenda of the group. I have always suspected that this remains the unspoken agenda of the more extreme antichoice groups in America.

Jon Persson

New London, CT

Oct 11 2011 - 3:04pm

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