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Oh, what woes verb-slingers must suffer so the population at large can casually dismiss our missives as tripe, or a pre-event before the newest "reality" hit!

The general population does dismiss the efforts of writers and creators in general. Consider the plight of the recording artist, whose revenues suffer from downloads and CD-burning technology. Writers have no recourse. We cannot track who steals our work on the net effectively. If we are fortunate to be able to hit print with such a mythical piece at $1 a word (which most of us are not), the markets have become less generous. Make a wave, and kiss those gimme assignments goodbye. Call an editor into accountability, say sayonara. Even worse, compete with a "name," and be thankful for the scrap page that no one wants to do.

Writing is a thankless occupation, whether TV, print or Internet. If the only appreciation we can get is recognition of our work in print, and on the air in reruns and DVD stores, so be it.

Unlike the laborer, who is paid a regular wage and actually is paid regularly, freelance writers do not and any efforts to restore a reasonable pay for reasonable effort should be applauded.

Strike on! Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword and re-runs are sure to grate on even the most faithful TV watchers' nerves!

Tim Lasiuta

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Nov 15 2007 - 8:55pm

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