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I love this, but the guy on the Alaska Airlines tail doesn't look like Roseanne Cash's father! Little personal story about him. Was at a Johnny Cash concert when I was about 15 or16. Went to use the port-o-potty outside right before the show started. Came out, no one was around, and suddenly out of nowhere he came running by me to the stage--The Man in Black himself. I froze like an idiot in headlights. He extended his hand, and said, no lie, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." I let out a squeak, having lost all language facility, and almost fainted. Will never forget his graciousness as long as I live. Rosanne's father had a great influence on me, and she does him more than proud.

Kathy Spillman

Philadelphia, PA

Oct 10 2008 - 7:51pm

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