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Obviously, we were meant to arrive at this time in Earth’s history. Each day, we witness an exponential awakening of people to the clarion call of water. Listen to the tones: water for life, water for survival, water for economic and political stability, water in the name of equality, for all. Yes, inevitably, the day will soon arrive when most of us will be awakened to water’s call by one means or another. And, through synchronicity--how frighteningly fitting for this day to visit us as we face global financial turmoil.

But fear not! For within the creative source of life, water holds the key of forgiveness, as we waste time and precious energy arguing over whose lips shall be blessed with water. The key is simple. All we have to do, en masse, is to join hands with water’s creative powers to restore our dying planet to a planet of abundant life. As a teacher, water shows us how quickly its powers can restore life to a polluted river, coral reef, forest, mountain or city. All we have to do is invest our energies into working with water’s creative power, and we will reap an unimaginable return on our investment.

Again, we were meant to arrive at this time. So, be calm and fear not. Our awakening to water’s magnificence and beauty will be a sight to behold as we take the next step in our evolution. I dread to consider the cannibalistic alternative if we do not heed water’s message, and fail to evolve beyond our present condition.

William E. Marks

Eddgartown, MA

Oct 11 2008 - 8:12pm

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