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The White House's "S.1348" giant Corporate Welfare bill includes a sop for the open borders crown by making some 12 to 24 Millions of criminals legal residents in the USA, in effect, Amnesty. And this condemns school children to substandard mixed- language instruction in either fume-filled portable classrooms or super-overcrowded classrooms, where little more than attendance is accomplished. All essential services are given at citizen taxpayer expense, including jails, courts, ER departments and the rest of healthcare delivery. It gets worse and worse. The freedoms Americans once had are being eroded by the Orwell-type Big Brother government headed up by a "Decider"-- another word for Tyrant. WHERE IS OUR FENCE? ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS! Defeat S.1348! NO AMNESTY!

Doc Hilliard

Big Bear, CA

Jun 13 2007 - 2:54am

Web Letter

Thank you for this article, Aziz. Not that I can say it any better or in more detail, but this is exactly what I've been telling anyone who'll listen. We are headed for serious trouble and my greatest fear is that there are many Democrats (the Clinton's included) who seem eager to gain control so that they too can lead us while misleading us down the path to less freedom, less liberty and less justice for all.

The thing that clued me into what I believe is going on has had less to do with the conspiracy theory that our government was in on 9/11 and more to do with how former Governor Ann Richards of Texas spoke when referring to George Bush. In old interviews with her after losing to Mr. Bush for Governor, she spoke highly of him, mentioning that he was clear and articulate and in command of what he was saying. Then I got a chance to see some of his debates and speeches from back then and I had to agree, he really was a much better presenter. And wasn't this during his alcoholic binge days? What a surprise to see that now that he's "dry," give or take a choked pretzel or two, how unclear and inarticulate the man has become in just a few years.

How is it possible, ruling out organic and alcohol-related reasons, that Mr. Bush, a young man still, "suddenly" after 9/11 becomes a babbling idiot with no command of English etc., etc? We all know the knock on him, but is it justified or is it merely a diversionary tactic? I vote the latter, and do so because these guys were all too prepared to deliver the perfect plan immediately after the opportunity arose on 9/11. The leaders of this clan knew exactly what to do and were just waiting for a 9/11 to give them the chance to do it. And having an idiot-sounding President would only help in their efforts.

President Bush, like his father--the former head of the CIA; Vice President; buddies with Rev Moon; friend of John Hinckley Sr., the father of the man who attempted to assassinate Reagan (the shooter Hinckley is the son of one of George H.W. Bush's political and financial supporters in his 1980 presidential primary campaign against Ronald Reagan; John Hinckley Sr.'s Vanderbilt Energy had been threatened with a $2 million fine the morning of the assassination attempt. John Jr.'s older brother, Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had a dinner appointment scheduled for the next day. Draw your own conclusions from that); and deal maker for the Iran hostages shortly after Reagan was sworn in...is not stupid, but we are. We're stupid for falling for this again.

Perhaps denial is what we need in order to protect us from the unbelievable truths about this government. Our children are getting poorer and poorer (14 million children in America are living in poverty). The rich get tax breaks, while the war costs nearly half a trillion dollars. Our schools are failing our poorer communities, our church leaders continue to abuse our children, we're in a war that had nothing to do with bin Laden, and our jobs go overseas to a slave workforce so our corporate leaders can make more and more money to buy more and more of our Congress. What a mess! And if I say we need a revolution in this country, I can be branded an "unlawful enemy combatant" and locked away forever without a trial or even knowing what I did or said that was so wrong. Sounds more and more like Communist China or pre-WWII Germany to me, but does anyone really care? Thank you again, Aziz.

John LeVan

Thorndale, PA

Jun 11 2007 - 12:06pm