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John Edwards was correct, "it is going to be an epic battle"--look at how easy it was to destroy poor old Tom Daschle. These guys own, not only the message, but thanks to Buckley v. Valeo, they also own the message distribution system and they have purchased the political messengers (e.g., Mcconnell,. Boehner, Corker, Shelby etc.). These guys don't give a good @#$% about America but rather about the top 10 percent.


Caribou, ME

Feb 5 2009 - 12:22pm

Web Letter

Many thanks to Mr. Scheer for a concise and simple perspective. This article sums up in so many levels the "change" we can expect in the next for years.

Although our new president is light years better than his abysmal predecessor, I, for one, will be "circling the wagons" until the current enablers for the "robber barons" are over the hill and out of sight, and their proven-disasterous policies are disgracefully run out of town on the rails of public opinion.

What kind of confidence can be inspired in any informed citizens knowing that we're in for more of the economic same?

Phillip B. Zolin

San Antonio, TX

Feb 5 2009 - 10:47am