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I believe the attack against Syria was intended as a provocation for war, and I have seen no certain proof that Syria was building a nuclear facility. Further, attacks on the Gemayel family and other politicians could be used by many factions to destabilize Lebanon and discredit Syria.

Nuclear weapons cannot be used by Syria or Israel against each other, because the collateral damage would be suicidal to the country that used them. Unlike conventional weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons are weapons of uncontrolled mass destruction. While perhaps the blast and radiation effects may be limited, radioactive fallout would be carried by the wind in many directions for thousands of miles. Do you think an Islamic country would harm Jerusalem, or cause the deaths of Palestinians along with the Israelis? An attack on the nuclear facilities in Iran or Dimona in Israel would create many Chernobyls. Nuclear weapons are not an option.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Nov 14 2007 - 3:51pm

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