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Sex testing was introduced into sports because Nazi Germany and later the Soviet Union sent males out to compete in women's events to ensure gold medals. Later it was necessary to take a particularly close look at "masculine"-looking females, as the Soviets and Eastern Germany were doping female athletes up from an early age, turning them chemically male.

The fact is that the best women are nowhere near able to compete with the best men in competitions where strength determines the winner. The fastest person in the world will always be a man. The strongest person in the world will always be a man. That may not be in line with your personal ideology, which is based on wishful thinking, but it is scientific fact. It is why we have women's sports: to find the best woman.

For women's sports to survive and indeed thrive it is necessary to define standards of eligibility in regards to sex.

Caster is a genetic, physiological, chemical male whose male sex organs failed to develop properly due to a birth defect. As tragic as her case is, she is biologically male and it would be unfair to force women to compete with her.

You cannot compare Michael Phelps big feet with Caster's male sex. If we are to allow anyone who "identifies" as male to compete as a woman regardless of sex, most sports will end up with two categories; men and less-able men. The strongest woman in the world would not come anywhere near to the top hundred men in the same weight category. That defeats the whole point of women's sport.

There are huge differences between men and women, as much as certain ideologues try to delude themselves otherwise.

If people like you get your way, China and other countries will happily take advantage of this politically correct insanity to send fully male athletes out to compete with real women (yes, there is such a thing) to attain gold medals.

If anybody asks, they will only have to claim that they "feel" like a woman and no testing allowed because people like you will scream "transphobia" at all who speak up on behalf of the genuinely female athletes whose bodies do not allow them to compete at that level, despite years of hard training and sacrifice.

It is most unfair to women to create a situation where there is no point in us even bothering.

Emily Murphy

Dublin, Ireland

Sep 15 2009 - 12:47am

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