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Nichols: "Now, if we could just get a Democratic president to work with a Democratic Congress to offer them that politics..." How naïve can you get? When was the last Democrat in the White House that didn't shove it to the unions? LBJ?

The duopoly that is our political representation in Congress and the White House are bought and paid for and the so-called Fair Traders are allowed dissent for the appearance of discussion.

The only barrier to new outrageous trade deals has been the failure of the DOHA and subsequent trade rounds. It is the developing nations that have called a halt to further WTO confiscation and elimination of sovereign rights for corporatization.

For liberals, progressives and trade unionists to believe that they will in any way find progressive legislation coming out of Washington, DC, from Democrats is the height of folly.

If the left wants real reform they had better find a new political party, especially the trade unionists. To get "Card Check," they had better do a reality check.

Michael McKinlay

Hercules, CA

Dec 4 2009 - 12:02am

Web Letter

The time for academic debates about the direction of trade policies has long passed. If we once had the luxury to discuss and debate how to be fair to working people, that time ended with our first trillion-dollar yearly federal deficit.

We need leverage in trade talks. Import taxes with increases laddered monthly would provide that leverage.

Let's be clear. China relies on US markets to sustain its own economy. China holds trillions in US debt, which could become worthless. In our relationship with China, it is we who have the upper hand.

Moreover, China owes us--big time. We put it on the global economic map. We should begin to act like the most powerful nation on earth and tell the Chinese government, "We're imposing an import tax that will graduate and remain in place until our trade with you is in equilibrium. Love, Uncle Sam."

Bud Ilic

Bloomington, IL

Dec 3 2009 - 4:59pm