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Indian culture and Pakistanis

Pakistan and India haven't been on good bilateral terms since their founding. Religious differences gave rise to distinct cultures, which led to dissimilar thoughts between the peoples of these nations. No matter how peace-abiding and liberal a nation it becomes, neither of them let ever go of past and appalling historic events that increased the enmity heavily.

However, Pakistan stands on an undesirable path. It has become extremely evident from today's lifestyles, the extent to which Indian culture is adopted, from Bollywood films to TV shows. Today's top-rated channels Colors, Star Plus, Star One and Star World influence Indian lifestyles. Pakistani cinemas show Indian programs. This has led to adverse affects on people, especially on the youth which have increasingly adopted this culture.

The originality of Pakistan has been reduced. Western and Indian culture are now commonly to be seen. However, contrary to that, that extreme hatred still exists in the people is evident via the World Cup 2011. Pakistanis were shattered when Pakistan lost and India won. Hence, at one place their culture is being adopted, and at another, they are despised.

This is a message to all Pakistanis to take these facts into account and boost the culture of our homeland, Pakistan.

Roshanay Sheikh


Jun 6 2011 - 11:27am