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We should correctly understand what is happening right now.

Nobody is blaming President Bush for breaking a fundamental principle of not meddling into the internal affairs of a foreign country and starting a war.

Mr. Bush is condemned for not winning the war. At the moment he launched the war his approval ratings skyrocketed.

That’s the reason why Mr. Bush is willing to start another war, this time against Iran and there is again nobody trying to stop him. Neither Congress nor journalists nor big business are opposed to the White House approach to the Iran crisis.

Mr. Bush launched the Iraq War over nonexistent WMD but he learned a lesson. For that reason Vice President Cheney threatened to launch the Iran War to prevent that country from developing WMD what is a mistake-free approach.

Our Congress isn’t acting pre-emptively to stop the White House. The legislative branch is fully supportive of Bush’s policy.

There is no reason to hurry. There is plenty of time till 2012 to blame the executive branch for failure to win another war.

The alleged showdown between the White House and the Congress over the Iraq War seems to be an electoral gimmick.

The rapid escalation of Iranian crisis indicates there is no difference among them.

The good thing is there is unity between our executive and legislative branches.

The bad thing is they are united over the wrong policy.

Nobody cares about the facts.

How is our military supposed to wage three long-term wars if is already overstretched by waging the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Is the US Congress going to complain later that President Bush mismanaged the Iran War too?

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 15 2007 - 8:32am

Web Letter

Two managers directly responsible for tainted pet food that killed many pets have been arrested in China.


Shouldn’t those two individuals be left in charge of enforcing that this kind of mistakes doesn’t repeat, for they were acting upon the best intelligence available at the time? The managers believed as well as the rest of the world that the food was safe to eat. Even the owners who served the food believed it was good food.

Shouldn’t the managers be entitled to take care of all the pets which are still in harm’s way? Anybody supportive of the arrest of those managers is against the pets because they want to deprive the pets from supplies needed for survival.

Doesn’t arrest of those managers send a wrong message to the pets that might feel abandoned?

Doesn’t the arrest of those managers undermine China’s credibility all over the world? If those managers were really guilty, that would mean whole China lacks good quality control what has potential to harm China’s long-term economic interests.

Accepting any guilt could harm China’s exports.

Aren’t the people who arrested the managers anti-Chinese, non-patriotic and short-sighted?

But, China is non-democratic country and our Congress takes care that this kind of infringement upon the individual rights can’t happen here in America.

Only stupid people who lack any expertise might think that the pets are better protected than the people in our country.

P.S. No manager has ever been arrested over tainted Iraq War, not even temporarily suspended or fired from a job.

Isn’t it so insulting to our troops dying in Iraq every single day?

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 9 2007 - 8:16am

Web Letter

Is it true that the Democrats in the Congress threatened their Republican counterparts with retaliation if the GOP representatives failed to support the bill that provides the funding for Iraq War with embedded withdrawal dates?

The rumor has it that if the bill fails to gain 2/3 votes needed to override Bush’s veto, the Democrats would amend the US Constitution so that President can get elected three times to the White House, which would make Mr. Bush front runner for the Republican presidential nomination again.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 8 2007 - 10:16am

Web Letter

From today’s perspective, the whole history looks different.

The decisions of the Democratic Congress to cut the funding for Vietnam War and President Carter’s wisdom not to start a war of hubris against Iran over the American hostages kept in Tehran weren’t as weak and shortsighted as we considered them to be.

At the same time, the Russian determination to stay in Afghanistan for almost a decade didn’t discourage the locals from fighting against them and it didn’t protect the USSR’s credibility.

Actually, it might be that a decision to protect our military from waging two long-term wars has enabled us to revive our economy in the 80's while the communist obsession with winning in Afghanistan had prevented them from focusing on urgently needed economic reforms within the Warsaw bloc.

Both factors have lead to an abrupt end of the Cold War.

Any political decision is as good as it fits the most global strategy we can envision and comprehend.

It is economy that wins all the wars, not a military. There are no more seven-day wars, all the wars are the wars of attrition.

The healthy economy is the best cure for any kind of attrition.

The ultimate military question is whether our economy is in the good hands.

Not collecting taxes to pay for a war has never been construed as a patriotic act.

Not paying your bills is not a cure for your solvency. It is just a shortcut to your bankruptcy.

Ever-growing federal debt is as good for the economy as a never-ending war is good for maintaining a military strength.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 7 2007 - 2:25pm