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Re 'Russ Feingold, the Senate's True Maverick'

We need Feingold

Here in Minnesota we have two Democrats in the Senate, but neither represent my views as Senator Feingold does. We as a nation need more represenatives like him. Sadly, it is the money that is corrupting the nation, the never-ending campaign, the never-ending fundraising needed to stay in office. Like too many voters nationwide, Wisconsin voters are not paying very close attention to what is happening in Washington. Too many of us (voters) get our news in soundbites rather than publications like The Nation or Mother Jones or online with Salon. The Republican spin machine is very good and effective. It will be a sad day for Wisconsin and for the USA if Senator Feingold does not return to the Senate.

Steve Fuller

Blackberry, MN

Oct 3 2010 - 8:05am