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I am so sick of listening to the BS about "performance-enhancing substances." Why was it OK for Andre Agassi (and many others) to take cortisone shots? How can anyone argue that whey powder is not a performance-enhancing substance?

Dennis Long

Santa Monica, CA

Feb 11 2009 - 3:07pm

Web Letter

I realize that we do not want to encourage steroid use among athletes and that A-Rod's admission contributes to this. However, I would like to say something briefly about a personal run-in with the guy and the behavior of role models.

Years ago, my son, an avid autograph hound, waited around the hotel where the players were staying in the hopes of getting some autographs. After a couple of hours (with varying amounts of success), my son gave up on getting A-Rod and we began walking up the street. We were about a block away, ready to turn the corner when my son spotted him walking towards us with his wife. We waited, my son got out his baseball card, and approached Rodriguez and his wife as they neared.

I thought he might brush my son off as so many players had (Jeter), but Rodriguez was exactly the opposite. He gave the bag he was carrying to his wife, crouched down, asked my son's name and looked him in the eye when he asked and shook his hand before he even signed the baseball card. It was pretty much the classiest behavior I had ever seen exhibited by any player.

In contrast, my son did get a Barry Bonds autograph, but Bonds wordlessly gestured for the ball, signed it and gave it back.

My son will never forget the day he met A-Rod and I have to admit, at that moment, Rodriguez really did seem to exhibit role-model behavior.

Janet Oelklaus

San Rafael, CA

Feb 10 2009 - 5:04pm

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