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I appreciate some of the points that Michael Gould-Wartofsky made in hisarticle but I also think that much of his essay could have been writtenby the Bush Administration. He is using fear to make his point just asothers in this country have in the past. He talks of how "CityUniversity of New York bought dozens of semiautomatic handguns." Almostevery police officer in the nation, except those throwbacks that stilluse a revolver, carry semi-automatic handguns. I recently graduated fromEastern Michigan University. EMU is not located in the middle of a majorcity but campus police all carried semi-automatic weapons; they arepolice officers, after all.

I just have a couple of questions on the issue of tracking foreign-bornstudents. How many of the 9/11 hijackers entered our country on studentvisas? How many stayed after the visa expired? Is it really so evil tokeep track of people who are here on a temporary visa? I realize thatthis is the so-called "slippery slope," but some accountability isnecessary.

Many of the things that Gould-Wartofsky wrote about shine a light onabuse of fear; please do not drop to the neocons' level.

Tim Raquet

Dexter, MI

Feb 8 2008 - 2:20pm

Web Letter

No mention of targeting university campuses by civil society organizations working for the Olmert administration in Israel? A colleague of mine was informed that his Rabbi spoke of "Jewish anti-Israeli professors," after returning from a free junket to Israel. In addition, the ADL is apparently offering training in coordination with our Jewish Federation on public relations for Israel. Think that my local university will be left out of this organizing? It hasn't been the past.

If The Nation is going to publish analysis as thoughtful as in "Repress U," it seems odd to overlook the role of surveillance of universities by pro-Israeli interests in the US. And it is not good enough to respond, "We've done that story," because that story is not over. Especially now that there is some "talk," although clearly only talk and hideous talk at that, by the Bush Administration re a resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, we can count on two things. The first already happened. The Israeli military killed twenty Palestinians over the past few days in Gaza. The second will be the organizational flurry on behalf of the demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a "Jewish" state, that large Israeli settlements remain, and that UN Resolution 194 no longer exists.

Where in the US are you likely to hear common sense that counters that agenda on a regular basis? One place is the academy. So, yes, unfortunately the elephant in the room at Repress U. remains--pressure on faculty to buckle to Israeli propaganda by that sector of the politically organized pro-Israeli community that is racist against Palestinians without ever having to be accountable for that racism.

Deborah A. Gordon

Wichita , KS

Jan 17 2008 - 3:32pm

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