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A section 8 family will move next to a middle or upper class family. The latter will be awakened or shaken up by subwoofers, the vulgar shouting of children raised in dysfunctional homes, etc. and after complaints the landlord will evict the section 8 or the section 8 will feel alienated and move into a neighborhood where fewer will complain. Segregation.

It's easy to feel sorry for poor people when you've been smart enough and successful enough not to have to live with them. You want to move strife and violence and ugliness next to me? Yeah, I'll have a "conniption", **** you very much. Naomi's description of poor people looks like the image of the sharp young M.D. living in an apt. paid for by the hospital driving to work in her beat up, sputtering little car. This sharp young medical student isn't beating her kids, waking people up with her subwoofers day and night, shooting anyone, robbing anyone, polluting the air with the smell of booze and pot, having babies she can't afford to feed, a molester or rapist out on parole, raising pit bulls for drug dealers...

It's just possible that the many are exploited by the few because the many aren't too terribly bright (and aren't reading, "No Logo" or "The Nation" or voting for Ralph Nader).

Winston Smith

South Bend, IN.

Feb 18 2007 - 5:58pm