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I was suprised and bothered to find the term "dick" used in this article. Aside from the fact that I would not have expected anything so crass to make its way into print in this magazine, I also resent how it was used. To simply refer to white men as being led by either "their skin or their dick" in choosing either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton is insulting. Did it not perhaps occur to the author that there are other things that thoughtful white men think about?

I am disappointed to see this included as it is crass and does not demonstrate respect for the subject(s) it covers.

Jeremy Nathan Marks

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Mar 3 2008 - 10:15pm

Web Letter

At first I was thinking, why would I want to hear one person's opinion, especially someone from Ohio about the election? Two years ago I drove through Ohio and saw the crusty residue or shell that once may have been a thriving state. JoAnn Wypijewski brought back into focus some of the reasons why I prefer Obama.

Living in California, we see the same problems; Ohio may really be the status quo for most of the rest of the Untied States. Returning our rights is something the other candidates have not offered. No special wave of a wand--Obama offers an honest and positive feeling for the people. Getting our Constitution back is one heck of a positive start. Much more enlightened than the controlled mass media, Wypijewski provided a refreshingly clear reason why I also support Obama instead of Hillary.

We need to start someplace; I want my freedoms returned.

Lee Rossavick

Potter Valley, CA

Mar 3 2008 - 9:00pm

Web Letter

This is a good article with bad news! I like the term Labor Democrat! All real Democrats are Labor Democrats, but we don't have many real democrats or progressives in the Democratic Party. We have the DLC hooking for big business and betraying the American people. I should not use the term hooking with regard to these people. Hookers sell their bodies, but these people sell their souls. Using that term is an insult to prostitutes, but it illustrates the process, and we know were real sin dwells. It is not with prostitutes. What did Chávez say about the smell of sulfur?

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Feb 28 2008 - 11:28pm