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Some have compared President Obama to Herbert Hoover, some to Lyndon Johnson. He could be like either of these predecessors and be highly successful or a catastrophic failure. Suppose Obama had the internationalism and concern for the downtrodden of Herbert Hoover after WWI and the strength to fight for civil liberties of Lyndon Johnson. Such an Obama would be a wonderful president.

As we have seen, however, Obama is emulating the domestic failure of Herbert Hoover and the foreign policy failure (Vietnam) of Lyndon Johnson. Instead of copying the best qualities of the two past presidents, Obama is copying their worst qualities! What a shame!

Alvin D. Hofer

St. Petersburg, FL

Oct 31 2009 - 9:34pm

Web Letter

Mr. Obama's fuzzy-headed thinking is all being done by his mouth; he's on the air more than the worst acne medication commercial.

Mr. Obama is clueless about everything in American life, and no better informed about issues overseas. He is simply a front fall guy for the axis of evil.

Tucano Fulano

Big Bear, CA

Oct 24 2009 - 11:44am

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