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Reading here about yet more examples of Obama backtracking on campaign pledges, I am reminded of how I wrote back in July 2008, during the campaign, about Obama's Forked-Tongue Double-Talk Express, and then again in December 2008, waiting for his inauguration, of supporters' remorse, giving him the name Barack "Bait & Switch" Obama. And I was not an opponent--I supported Obama more strongly than any previous presidential candidate in my seventy-plus years of life.

I am joined with many other political progressives in disappointment with the way Obama implements his presidency, contrasted with the way we thought, and hoped, he would carry it out. Perhaps we imagined policies and practices more than were promised, perhaps the realities of running the show curtail the best laid plans of mice and men... Still, the disappointment is there, very real and tangible.

I leave it to someone more objective and impartial than I to compare and contrast the in-office disappointments versus the campaign promises and expectations of predecessors such as George W. Bush.

Fred Yontz

Reston, VA

Dec 2 2009 - 4:51am

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