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Obama's Failures... and Ours

Where is the beef?

"Transformational leadership," Ganz explained, "engages followers in the risky and often exhilarating work of changing the world, work that often changes the activists themselves. Its sources are the shared values that become wellsprings of the courage, creativity and hope needed to open new pathways to success"... I see a lot of adjectives in Ganz's definition, but I don't see a plan on how to bring about such a transformation. You can paint a beautiful verbal picture with words that have no content. Where is the beef?

I have voted for Tom Bradley and Jesse Jackson Sr., along with candidates from a variety of ethnic groups. If he or she was a Democrat, I voted for them. Clarence Thomas is black, but would you vote for him?

I took a look at Obama's economic advisers, and when Goolsbee ran over to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago, to tell them that what he was saying was for election purposes only, I knew I was not going to vote for Obama. I am not a genius, but I knew about Alexander Hamilton's tariff policies and the emphasis on job creation by the New Deal; I knew that neoliberal policies that have infected the Democratic and Republican parties would not work.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, but you really have to know the issues and check on your candidates.

There was a little bit of an up side for me, as I got to vote for an American of Arab ancestry for the first time. While it doesn't matter, for years I thought Nader was Jewish.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Nov 18 2010 - 4:57pm

Obama's Failures... and Ours

No, I dont deserve the blame

Just after I read Eric Alterman's article I saw that the House voted down the unemployment benefits extension 258–154. President Obama does not think a permament extension of the top 2 percent Bush tax cuts is "appropriate"; but I cannot accept the blame for his failure to scream from the so-called bully pulpit, "How dare they even think about it without helping the unemployed?!" We could all jump up and down and scream, but absent leadership, the progressive cause for a just society is doomed.

Did we tell the president to heed the financial advice of architects of this financial collapse? Did our acquiescence embolden the president to secretly bargain with the insurance, drug and health industries and then delegate the legislation to the biggest recipient of their largesse? Did our silence suggest to the president that backing Elizabeth Warren for a real leadership position was impossible? Did our apathy suggest to Obama that he should rely on BP's evaluation of the gulf disaster for weeks before learning the true extent of devastation? Is the president's stated opposition to DADT a mere carrot to be dangled in front of his "base" at such times as the Scott Brown victory?

I among many expected audacity and righeousness; I feel my blame ends at letting myself be fooled. As smart, and sincere as President Obama is, he is equally inexperienced and thus ineffective.

Asher Fried

Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Nov 18 2010 - 3:51pm

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