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What I wish to write is though not pointedly pertaining to the article of the erudite Robert Scheer, but it is obliquely relevant to the same issue.

The current economic crisis involving trillions of dollars, whether it is the severest in several decades in the US history or is the worst ever witnessed by this planet, surely has terribly engulfed almost the entire world. The foremost focus is rightly on the ways to overcome it alone--as if some natural calamity beyond human control has caused and created it.

Is the eerie silence about those who wreaked this havoc not utterly strange? One wonders when and who will take them to task, along with those who let it happen, led all this to happen, including their henchmen and hacks?

Abdul Qayyum Khan

Islamabad, PAKISTAN

Jan 30 2009 - 2:48pm

Web Letter

Not so fast, Mr Scheer.

"The structure of the stimulus package is also reassuring, with its emphasis on spending money in ways that will improve the quality of life for ordinary Americans." The structure of the stimulus package is not reassuring. According to a CBO Report--the real CBO report, not the preliminary--it will take over eighteen months for this stimulus to hit the economy. This is not a stimulus for the people, this is a Re-election Stimulus for Democrats in 2012!

We need Medicare for All. Medicare for All starts to help immediately, and can be almost entirely implemented within one year of passage. This helps the under- and uninsured, business, states and local governments, and makes our products more competitive.

Michael McKinlay

Hercules, CA

Jan 28 2009 - 6:40pm