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I still have faith in Obama

Dear Sasha Abramsky, I just stumbled on your article analyzing President Obama's love for history and quotes from his memoirs and speeches. To this day I am moved and proud that these hard times and crushing economy have brought forward Barak Obama. It is true that so far the Great Expectations that we, his voters and believers, had for a much faster turnaround of the economy have not been realized. Reading through the latest analyses of renowned economists, a lot of us are starting to realize that with the toughest of opposition from the Republicans, to turn things around is no quick and easy feat. The economy has structural faults that are making it close to impossible to make a fast turnaround. But I believe in him! I still know that his quiet strength and formidable faith in our beloved country and nation will produce the results we would have liked to see now. You are correct in saying that in the long term, his hard work and determination will produce the change and prosperity that millions of us believed that he would bring along. He is fighting an uphill battle against unbelievable tides, and times have not eased up on most of us, but no doubt it will happen! And something else: the Republicans are not going to win this November, they will not be successful in their efforts to thwart the president. We will come out, again, in favor of the least offensive party and help him to continue with his agenda. Your article was brilliant! Thank you !


Marian Paronyan

Phoenix, AZ

Sep 6 2010 - 1:42am

Web Letter

This is the kind of article that enables Obama to continue down the path of ending up as the worse president this country has had. Instead of fawning over the president's mind you would do him service by pointing out that his lack of leadership ability and integrity is going to make him a one-term president.

robert portman

Columbus, OH

Jan 26 2010 - 11:42pm

Web Letter

If President Obama sees the long view, I am curious as to why he has been criticising his predecessor from his inauguration speech on. It seems a long view thinker would understand it would gain him ill will with half the country. A foward thinker would realize the level of disdain for Bush's policies and the man would lessen over time anyway. If Obama is the pragmatist he pretends to be, what was the point? If he was willing apologize for phantom American misdeeds to the world to further his foriegn agenda, why not do the same with Bush? As a libertarian I've always been curious about the liberal view on this. For such a reputedly intelligent man his constant vindictiveness seems childish and counterproductive.

Lance Cunnane

Charlotte, NC

Jan 23 2010 - 7:11pm

Web Letter

Nice puff piece, Sasha... but consider some current reality as to why voters are so turned off by Obama.

A stimulus package he vowed would keep unemployment from going higher than eight percent
Giving up a missile shield and getting nothing from the Russians in return
Bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York to stand trial
Dithering--yes, dithering--on Afghanistan
Screwing the Chrysler bondholders
An abominable healthcare bill (backroom deals, bribes to unions)
Hiring Janet "The System Works" Napolitano
Hiring Eric "Mr. Pardon" Holder
Failing to follow through on Black Panthers intimidating voters on Election Day
Failed outreach to Iran
Failed outreach to Muslims

These are excellent reasons for Obama's anemic presidency. Borrowing from Seven Days in May, Obama is not just a weak sister. He's a criminally weak sister.

Barack Obama is the worst president ever inflicted on the United States.

Jack Davis

Phoenix, AZ

Jan 23 2010 - 9:22am