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Obama in the Age of Accommodation

Not disappointed

I find it difficult to understand the disappointment seemingly felt by "the left" regarding the accomplishments of the Obama administration in the last two years. Dr. Harris-Perry's argument is correct in my opinion, that if one takes the long view of history, one finds tremendous progress in the area of civil rights. Victories by ordinary people living in extraordinary times have brought us along a 150-year journey from an era in which slavery, a "peculiar institution," was legally entrenched in the South. A black person had no civil rights, and was considered only three-fifths of a man (or woman). That now, in 2011, we have a black presidentis a triumph of the principles of nonviolent protest. This president seems able to contend with the "brute forces" still resisting the painful processes of struggle that lead to valuable, permanent social change. President Obama has used our belief in the rule of law to help eliminate "don't ask, don't tell." The injustices endured by gay people for two centuries seem to be in the process of resolving. During the Vietnam era, our mantra was "All we are saying is, Give Peace a Chance." The mantra of today should be, in my view, "All I am asking of the left is, Give Barack Obama a chance!"

Judith Pugsley

Rocky river, Ohio

Dec 31 2010 - 10:48am

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