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Robert Scheer writes, "Pakistan has never been held to account for allowing its "father of the Islamic bomb," A.Q. Khan, to spread nuclear bomb technology and expertise to rogue regimes--including North Korea and Iran.

Khan remains protected under house arrest, off-limits to US intelligence agents seeking to interview him. No water-boarding for him, unlike the thousands of never-charged prisoners that the United States has ordered tortured around the world who couldn't tell the interrogator the difference between uranium and plutonium."

What has passed under the radar is that the Bush regime issued a kill order on US investigations of A.Q. Khan, the so-called father of the Islamic bomb, because of his ties to the Saudi royal family (Greg Palast reported this on his website).

Now we have revelations that the regime in Washington, DC funneled money to Sunni extremists with ties to al-Qaeda -- obstensibly to counter Shi'ite militias allegedly linked to Iran.

Because of the Bush crime family's protection and support for terrorists and rogues linked to the Saudis, we have 9/11, a nuclear North Korea, and indirect US funding of the very terrorist group that we are supposedly at war with.

So this is what it's like down the rabbit hole.

Michael Kwiatkowski

Cleveland, Ohio

Feb 28 2007 - 3:22pm

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