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This prescription drug thing was something the Democrats were suppose to fix when they returned to power. This privatization process is going on all over the government, including the Defense Department. The lead headline in the LA Times recently was that they had more contractors in Iraq than military. The figure quoted did not include security companies like Blackwater. No one has a count on them or know what they are doing in Iraq.

The plan is to dismantle government and any protections or services that help the average American. It is government by the multinationals and for the multinationals.

This process is going on all over the world. The Israeli paper Ha'aretz has an editorial today about an oversized defense budget, but how they reduced the expense was cutting the retirement pay of their military. Like us they have a missile defense system that is worthless and nothing but corporate welfare, but one-third of Holocaust survivors live in poverty.

The object is to dismantle the "national" states that have given their citizens medical care, social services and a good retirement. It is too costly for big business.

The object of "free trade" is to drive down wages by outsourcing jobs and industries to countries with low wages, and insource cheap labor to drive down wages with in the country doing the outsourcing. Welcome to the Brave New World of the twenty-first century!

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Jul 10 2007 - 3:54pm