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Needs an update

I am surprised that The Nation has not updated David Cole's excellent 2005 article regarding the disgraceful trial and sentencing of Lynne Stewart. Lynne is now 70 years old and is recovering from a battle with breast cancer along with her legal battle. She was sentenced in July to ten years in a federal prison, a death sentence for a person her age and in her state of poor health. This outspoken patriot has been condemned as a terrorist, and her case is being used, as she said, to "chill the defense bar."

Your publication is well known for defending the left and its supporters. Rarely has there been a supporter more in need of a loud voice than Lynne. I sincerely hope your researchers get the needed information on this latest deisgrace from her website, or read the New York Times where the case was at least given an impartial look.

Jeanne Norris

Constable, NY

Aug 2 2010 - 3:28pm