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I'm not quite sure there is something to be proud of in New Jersey but John Nichols is optimistic. Corzine's problem is that he does a poor job, seemingly on purpose, of explaining why New Jersey was so ill prepared for this recession. He was the finance guru from Wall Street and the state is no better off. We pay the highest taxes in the land and have massive budget and pension deficits to show for it and it all seems natural to Corzine. Additionally, Corzine always seems to be a bit too close to the corruption emanating largely from the Democrats who control the state and yet no one wants to answer to any of it. Christy, no one knows what he would do other than not be a corrupt New Jersey politician, and he's apparently fine running on just that. In the meantime, the New Jersey Democrats have instinctively diverted attention from the incumbent to the fat guy challenger who hates mammograms. The New Jersey Democrats are about to show Christy they know how to run a campaign, if not a state.

Peter Maguire

Teaneck , NJ

Oct 15 2009 - 9:17pm

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