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Other letter writers have beaten Katha Pollitt sufficiently about the head and ears for elitism, hypocrisy etc., and I have no wish to pile on. Let me add only that Sarah Palin is hardly our "first political female train wreck." Some of Dolley Madison's contemporaries might have said the same of her. Okay, "train wreck" is an anachronism--perhaps "shipwreck" would do. History, however, smiles upon Dolley; she saved the original draft of the Constitution from the flames of 1812 and introduced ice cream to American society--and besides, she lived a long time ago.

Cynthia McKinney is a contemporaneous train wreck who antedates Palin. McKinney (D-GA) sat in the House of Representatives for six terms and, after her defeat in the 2006 Democratic primary, ran for president on the Green Party ticket. She attained national fame for punching a Capitol Police officer at a security checkpoint. McKinney is also a 9/11 "truther" and believes that in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina thousands of citizens were murdered by US troops. She never hesitates speaking truth to power and has claimed that "white, rich Democratic boys club wanted [her] to stay in the back of the bus." Of our former VP, lauded as substantive in Pollitt's column, she said, "Al Gore's Negro tolerance level has never been too high." She has also tried twice to break the blockade and enter Gaza by ship, once being diverted to Lebanon and another time being interned and subsequently deported back to the US. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that McKinney raises hell in ways that are at least as interesting as Sarah Palin's. If only McKinney were photographed in short shorts, perhaps she would rate notice by Pollitt.

Erik Schwarz

New Orleans, LA

Nov 30 2009 - 1:31pm

Web Letter

Jealous much, Ms. Pollitt? To say that your article is drivel is to give you too much credit. Have you read Palin's book? Of course not! You haven't read her book, because to buy a copy would contribute to her success. Your ego couldn't stand that. Let me clue you in. Palin's book is concise, smart, funny, touching, fascinating and well-written. Go back and read the first paragraph of your own article. And you have the nerve to talk about train wrecks. Ms. Pollitt, do you know what a run-on sentence is? Your article is full of them. Oh, but you meant it to be that way. Okay. Sure you did.

Ms. Pollitt, when you look at Sarah Palin you see a very intelligent, successful, accomplished, and yes, sexy, woman with beautiful kids and a handsome husband. When you gaze in the mirror at your own reflection, you see none of these. You can't stand Sarah Palin because you don't measure up to her. What galls you even more is the fact that Palin doesn't give a rat's hind leg that you don't like her. So even if you tell everyone you'd rather go sit in the corner and eat worms than read or write another article about Sarah Palin, you know in your heart it won't matter. Palin will go on happily being a success.

You call yourself a "feminist," then mock and moan about Palin's shapely calves and sexy curves. I'll bet you even got in front of a full-length mirror and tried the beauty queen pose yourself, didn't you? But your own pose didn't look so good did it? You just hate. Her. So. Much.

Ms. Pollitt, you claim that this is the last article you will write about Sarah Palin--ever. But you know it won't be. So do us all a favor. Get yourself a diary. Get one of those with the little lock and key. Get one with a flying unicorn and a rainbow on the cover or with cute, fluffy kitties. The next time you're tempted to write something about Sarah Palin, write it in your diary. Then lock it with your key, tuck it under your pillow and clap your hands ecstatically. Look in the mirror, give yourself a little hug, and tell your reflection, "I sure told that poopy head what I thought of her." Please do that and spare the rest of us. Because the only thing more stupid than your article is the people who paid you to write it.

K.J. Johnson

Longbranch, WA

Nov 30 2009 - 12:04pm

Web Letter

Now you know how I have felt about the Kennedys since 1964 and that scumbag Jimmy Carter since 1980. Oh, and just throw Bill and Hildabeast into that mix also, since 2000.

Robert A. Hall

Delta, PA

Nov 30 2009 - 12:03pm

Web Letter

What's up, Katha, your book not selling as well as Sarah's? Your liberal envy is showing and, like a good little progressive, it's attack time on Sarah Palin. Your snarky innuendos and utter contempt for this woman echo every other screed I've read on the same subject. One thing is for certain, this will not be your last column on Sarah Palin. Like bees to honey, when she becomes POTUS you'll have no choice but to rail against her again, it's all in the game plan.

Jim Sisco

Newport Beach, CA

Nov 30 2009 - 12:00pm

Web Letter

This country is on a fast ride to nowhere. We bicker tooth and nail about the stupidest things.

K. Mahren

Stockbridge, VT

Nov 29 2009 - 6:00pm

Web Letter

You're sick of Palin...but I bet you still can't get enough print/video/radio about Barack Obama. Funny how that works!

John Lee

Los Angeles, CA

Nov 29 2009 - 5:24pm

Web Letter

Without women like Sarah Palin--citizens who raise their offspring to serve in the US military--those Jews who survived Hitler wouldn't have had a chance. I would think that Katha Pollitt, recognizing this fact and knowing what passes for promise in some American politicians, would want to get down on her knees to Sarah Palin.

If, as Pollitt seems to want things to be, Palin is the lowest form on life on earth, what is Hillary Clinton, if not someone who voted, on no evidence, for a war in which Palin's son would serve... and for the success of which war Clinton's own daughter has not so much as suited up once per month and peeled potatoes at the Pentagon?

If Sarah Palin wishes to say that good citizens are the result not only of good parenting but of the grace of God, let her. She has that right. She had that right, even before her own son signed up to serve. It's not about God, Ms Pollitt. It's about grace.

J.E. Bernecky

Westover, PA

Nov 29 2009 - 9:15am

Web Letter

Katha Pollitt implies we are all fascinated by Sarah Palin. What a lot of bull. Many of us read about her here and there, glancing only, and then move on. I skimmed this article because I was taken by the title "Last Column About...Palin." Oh, ha ha. Sure.

Basically, what I feel is not fascination but profound disgust--motivated, especially, by her massacre of the wildlife in that beautiful state she did not deserve to govern and about which she crooned, "Oooh, I love Alaska so." But not its wildlife. I never saw any mention nor justification of her wanton cruel killing of wolves and their pups. Did she feel threatened? Why is that subject--her awful ecological record--never mentioned? A shadow on her "glorious" image?

A pox on Palin, and take heed, all you silly admirers--if indeed she becomes president, we will be destroyed (figuratively).

Vera da Vinci

Auburn, WA

Nov 28 2009 - 3:31pm

Web Letter

I hope that all of you media political elites, including the major political leaders of both national parties, continue to attack and belittle Sarah Palin. The fact is that she resonates with people in the heartland, something the elites can’t say. You media elites have and continue to miss the point: Americans like real people, they like people who say what they mean and mean what they say. Sarah Palin is just that, like it or not. In the eyes of many Americans, she is a refreshing breath on the political front, because she is not perceived as a person run by a political machine like the Chicago-style political machine of President Obama. What she is in the eyes of average people is a person of real conviction and common sense, which many of you elites find easy to belittle. You elites are in fact the major reason she is so popular, because you continue to attack her. Americans like fairness, and your attacks help to build her support. So I support your efforts of attacking Sarah Palin, because you help build up her popularity in the minds and hearts of average people. So keep it up, and you will find out one day that you will have egg on your face.

David Johnson

Casper, WY

Nov 28 2009 - 9:15am

Web Letter

Pollitt's penultimate sentence observes the following about Angela Merkel: "So far as I know, there are no Angela Merkel nutcrackers or plastic dolls in slutty costumes for sale on the Internet." In a convoluted way, of course, what Pollitt means is that Sarah Palin is a slut.

Overblown or even overused as Palin's martyr complex may be, I think Pollitt has proved Palin's point. There's a touch of irony in Pollitt conceding that there is something to Palin's charges before Pollitt herself commits the offense. More accurately, Pollitt's awareness of the offense is an aggravating factor, as opposed to mere irony.

The anti-Palinites are also guilty of the much greater offense of which Palin charges them--elitism. It is obvious to anyone schooled in the intellectual's environment that Sarah Palin is not of the same high brainpower as Hillary Clinton. Yet, what both of them have--and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama too, for that matter--as opposed to George Bush 2 or Al Gore, is that they are all "self-made." They came from humble beginnings and their talents have gotten them somewhere. The trouble is, because Palin took a different route--no Yale, for instance, but good "Republican cloth schools" as Nixon might have put it, she is marginalized and assumed an idiot by the main stream media.

Well, the old-school values taught to me, and which have proved invaluable in my own career, posited that there is talent everywhere and everybody has something to contribute. I was also taught that pride goeth before the fall and not to think so highly of oneself that her or his head swells. Today, the left is all full of head-swelling, and they may find it bursting when the non-elites have their pockets picked just a bit more by all the geniuses in Washington, DC, who, as the evil Glenn Beck points out, are destroying our currency and trying to grab 17 percent of our economy to line their own political pockets.

Sarah Palin is not my cup of tea for president under present circumstances, and one of those reasons is that I'm not sure she does have the depth for that very big job--but, few do. Yet, Sarah Palin has plenty of talent, has done all of her jobs capably and honestly, and although I don't think she got two 800s on her SATs, I note that you can't find Barack Obama's SAT scores on the Internet, either. George Bush 2 got in the upper 5 percent, nationwide, by the way.

Keevan D. Morgan

Wilmette, IL

Nov 28 2009 - 9:01am

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