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Re 'For Jobs, Justice and Education'

Invest in America

Here's a suggestion (If you like it, pass it on, claim it as your own, I don't care—just get it out there): Launch a Patriotic bond drive—like the WWII bond drive —only this time it's Rebuild America Bonds or Build America's Future Bonds—and target the proceeds of the bond sales for rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure (no more collapsing old bridges) and building a real information superhighway (like the TVA, only this time it's broadband for all—even , or especially, rural areas)! This is a three-fer: (1) Encourage personal savings and (2) infrastructure investment, and (3) put Americans back to work building and rebuilding America's infrastructure. And the American people will be the holders of America's government debt.

Invest in America's Future! Believe in America? Invest in her future!

People used to give US Savings Bonds as gifts for every occassion (births, confirmations, bar- and bat-mitzvahs, graduations, anniversaries, etc. etc. etc.). It was thoughtful and patriotic. Revive that truely patriotic spirit. Bring in the Tea Party patriots and the socialist patriots. Everybody pulling together to haul us out of the deficit doldrums (the debt will be owned by US) and the unemployment conundrum.


Judith F. Feldman, PhD

New York, NY

Oct 2 2010 - 9:27pm

Re 'For Jobs, Justice, Education'

Why no war protest now, Democrats?

Your article is about the rally in Washington DC this weekend sponsored by progressive organizations. Your article promises that with this demonstration, everything is going to change. So, why is there no mention about the need to protest the ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan? If Bush were in office, you would be putting the wars front and center. But since this is little more than an election rally for the Democrats, you leave it out. Your rally is nothing but an apology for the failed policies of the Democrats and the Obama administration, politics as usual.

Ellis Greenfield

Los Angeles, CA

Sep 29 2010 - 12:07pm