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Mr. Falk mentioned in his article that "Israel has also ignored recent Hamas's diplomatic initiatives to re-establish the truce or ceasefire since its expiration on December 26." To which diplomatic initiatives does this refer? As far as I know, it was Hamas that called off the ceasefire.

I am a dual American-Israeli citizen living in Tel Aviv who is very disturbed an saddened by the recent events in Gaza. I too, oppose the occupation, recognize the disproportionality of the attacks, and wish for an alternative to this violence, especially because it is clear to me that it will only breed more violence.

I am an advocate of diplomatic talks and an end to the Israeli occupation. I understand that the withdrawal from Gaza was not a complete one as long as Israel continues to restrict movement from its border. However, I have trouble responding to my fellow Israelis who point out that Hamas is a terrorist regime that seeks to harm Israeli civilians and uses its own as human shields.

I am afraid that as long as this is the case, those Israelis who advocate for peace and diplomacy will be silenced.

yael maizel

Seattle, WA

Dec 29 2008 - 11:07am