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I live in the town of Montague, Massachusetts, which is comprised of five villages. Yesterday we held our annual town meeting in our local high school. Most of the all-day meeting was spent addressing our budget, which like in the majority of communities across the US is in a desperate state. All the while we struggled with the impossible task of how to fund our schools and meet the town's various basic needs, I had an image in my mind of our money literally flying across the world and pouring into Iraq, Halliburton no-bid contracts, and the building of the largest embassy in the world.

There were thirty articles on the warrant for our meeting, and one of the last was a non-binding resolution calling for the impeachment of Bush & Cheney. The Town Moderator initially was going to disallow a vote because he didn't think this fell under the scope of town meeting, but he had gotten too many phone calls prior to the meeting to ignore the issue. Although he didn't allow a debate on the article, he did allow a five-minute presentation by the petition's sponsor, and when it came up for the vote, the article passed. I was actually extremely surprised that it passed because of the number of older and somewhat conservative members of town meeting here. It was so gratifying to see the range of people who stood to be counted in favor of impeachment. After all of these dark years with this illegitimate Administration, it was extremely satisfying to have our town stand up for itself and the Constitution and say "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!"

Anne Jemas

Turners Falls, MA

Jun 3 2007 - 8:05am

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Here is a simple question.

Why would any nation keep a notoriously incompetent elected official at the most powerful position in the country?

There is no reason to do it if the national interests were at the pedestal of a political process.

What competing interests could impede no-brainer decision to impeach such underperforming President?

The answer is a stunning one. A lack of democracy undermines our national interests.

The Republican Party is willing to win the Iraq war at all costs to avoid decades-long embarrassment and consequences that the Democratic Part had to cope with after the end of Vietnam War. Winning the war at all cost means that even a potential victory would be achieved at unreasonably high cost and that the long-term consequences would be more detrimental than any real benefit of such a victory.

The history lessons direct us to ancient Carthage that achieved the victory in the first Pyrrhic War but was so exhausted and depleted of resources that the whole country collapsed afterwards.

The Democratic Party grabbed the control of Congress in 2006 but is unwilling to use it to impeach the President. Why? If the Democrats started impeachment process today and took the control of the White House by November 2007, the Democrats would be fully in control, thus blamed for all the bad news coming from Iraq during the next year what could turn the American public against them. That might result in the Democrats losing 2008 elections.

From the Democratic perspective, it is much safer to keep President Bush in the Office till the end of his term and let the public anger keep rising against the Republican Administration.

This approach is good for the Democrats but very bad for the USA for we would continuously bleed in Iraq.

Why can the Democrats afford this sit-and-wait approach?

The answer is there is no strong third party that might politically act right now and get the credit for the constructive and energetic approach.

The conclusion is that the lack of democracy will prolong the Iraq War for twelve months more than it is necessary.

Try to put a price tag on the lost human lives (both US military and Iraqi civilians), the wasted resources and the diminished international credibility caused by this politically motivated intentional delay in taking the proper course.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 2 2007 - 12:12pm

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In essence, Kucinich argues Cheney should be impeached because he knowingly:

- Manipulated intelligence to fabricate the threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

- Manipulated intelligence to fabricate a relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda

- Openly threatened aggression against Iran without the existence of any real threat to the United States

Without doubt, Cheney is guilty of all counts levied against him, but moving forward with impeachment would be futile. The Vice President does not represent a new or unique doctrine of the American executive branch. All of his predecessors fabricated threats, manipulated intelligence and used jingoistic propaganda to justify war. Impeachment proceedings against Cheney would only reinforce the misconception that the problems we face are the result of poor leadership. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Whether or not Dick Cheney holds office, the American-capitalist hegemon functions in essentially the same fashion.

Jeff DeFlavio

Washington, DC

Apr 26 2007 - 3:50pm

Web Letter

Good afternoon,

Not that many years ago we had the Monica fiasco with President Clinton being attacked by the Right and of course the infamous Impeachment Trial.

Now we have the War in Iraq that should never had happened.

In my opinion this administration has done more to hurt the vast majority of its citizens than any other administration in this countries history.

We has squandered billions of dollars on this War & have gotten thousands of our military men & women killed or wounded for what outcome?

I cannot wait until 2008 & hopefully elect those who will have to clean up the mess created by those who have set back this country at least 150 years of progress.

Right now we are being governed by the Oil Industry & there friends & its is pure greed that is driving the fuel prices up.

Yes this administration should be held responsible for its failed policies both foreign & domestic however, I cannot find anyone who does not want a free & safe United States.

Norman A Solow

Baltimore , MD

Apr 26 2007 - 3:25pm

Web Letter

If the Vice President has engaged in enough criminal activity that can be proved then Nancy Pelosi must put impeachment back on the table. This is not a matter of politics its a matter of law. If I had committed crimes I would'nt receive any sympathy nor would I expect any, so why should Cheney, or Bush for that matter.

I would like to tell Nancy Pelosi, my Congressman Tim Bishop and any of the other Congressmembers that if you have evidence that proves the President or Vice President committed impeachable offenses and you do nothing about it then you should be impeached or at the very least not re-elected. I would never vote against you for doing what is right. I might even donate to your next campaign to show my approval. Americans are not children, we can handle ending this ridiculous war and getting rid of the criminal elements in the administration at the same time. The United States is a great country, but why dont we have great leadership?

Tom Pisano

Shirley, NY

Apr 26 2007 - 1:33pm

Web Letter

Mr. Nichols: Sad. You sound like Citizen Robespierre as he calls for all faithful Citizens who espouse the Code of Robespierre. Careful...careful ... remember Robespierre in his zeal wound up on the guillotine...as would Pelosi for violating the Logan Act--a felony in the USA. No, the road to peace is not through Damascus but through US strength. Nichols, you will live long enough to know that your vitriol is just vitriol and that Bush was right all along. Wait, history has a way of biting us in the dairy-ere.

David Montefiore

Tucson, USA

Apr 23 2007 - 2:19pm

Web Letter

Mr. Nichols has barely scratched the surface of what is happening among the Grassroots. A website, www.impeachforpeace.org , is issuing a "People's Impeachment" process complete with petitions and instructions for filling them out and mailing.

Dennis Kucinich is to present articles of impeachment for Mr. Cheney on Wednesday, April 25, just prior to the gatherings of the A-28 group the following Saturday all over the country.

Patience is finally running out all over the country and Dennis Kucinich may be the spark that ignites a sleepy country to an inferno of action.

Robert A. Brown

Mancos, Colorado

Apr 22 2007 - 2:04pm

Web Letter

"Impeachment would greatly increase the chances for Republicans to retake at least one House of Congress, in a backlash. (Recall that the Democrats gained seats after Clinton's impeachment.) So I do hope the Democrats go for it with gusto.....in a partisan way, of course."

If you only knew how many Democrats would relinquish one house of Congress to get rid of these murderous thieves, it would make your head spin!

John K. Briscoe

Syracuse, N.Y.

Apr 22 2007 - 1:35pm

Web Letter

Dear Vince from Conn.,

As a Republican, and I'm not really sure anymore what that means, YOU have the responsibility to see that the people you voted for and support are upholding the Constitution.

If you want the Republicans to ever regain any power whatsoever, you better see to it that the criminals in the White House and Congress who have failed to uphold their oath of office are hanged as the traitors they are!

From arranging a coup d'etat in 2000, to repeating the offense in 2004, to either standing down the country's billions of dollars of defenses on 9/11 to actually potentiating the attacks, to lying about Iraq's WMDs, to repealing Habeas Corpus, to pushing through with anthrax scares the Orwellian named 'Patriot Act', to marginalizing honest dissent, these men are traitors.

The punishment for traitors in this country is hanging and that has never been repealed. Get out the ropes, the pitchforks and the torches!

Of course, no one will do anything until the Ford F-150 owners have to start paying $5 a gallon for gas. Then all hell will break lose...

Dawn Owens

Portland, Oregon

Apr 21 2007 - 3:04pm

Web Letter

Yes, by all means, let's impeach Bush before his term in office expires next year so John Nichols can feel good about American once more!

I listened to Nichols' nattering on and on about George Bush since I started listening to John Batchelor's show. Nichol's contempt for Bush and anyone who voted for him is exceeded only by his constant whining about how poorly Americans treat homosexuals. I can't imagine that Nichols would say anything worth reading, never mind anything that would be taken seriously by a reading public.

Impeachment is the liberals' favorite wet dream, not a serious response by serious Americans. Unfortunately, the Democrats wouldn't be so stupid as to initiate proceedings against Bush because it would spell the end of them as a viable political party for another 30 years.

Corlyss Drinkard

Nibley, UT

Apr 21 2007 - 6:09am

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