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Most believe that Bush is the worst President in the history. But, more importantly, Bush is the worst person ever to be President.

He is a chronic liar, a deserter from his National Guard unit, is indirectly one of the greatest mass murders of all time with the deaths of 3,000 Americans and over 700,000 Iraqis, and is fighting to increase these numbers. He is a psychopath with no conscience and cannot admit he is ever wrong--a psychopath in the mold of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Genghis Khan. He is incapable of showing human compassion. He is a religious fanatic who has perverted his religion to serve his political purposes. He has never shown love and uses religion to divide and exploit. He is a failed father, as evidenced by the behavior of his twin daughters.

He dislikes gays, immigrants, people of color and most anyone who does not immediately lie down for him. He surrounds himself with sycophants and toadies who will support his fanaticism unquestioningly. He has led his country into a war labeled the greatest mistake in American history, and yet he continually tries to disregard the obvious failure and cling to his monomaniacal belief that he is right and the rest of the world is wrong. He has made our country the most universally hated on earth. He is eager to sacrifice more American troops in a failed war. He will continue his madness in Iraq even if only Laura and Barney, his dog, support him, and he has a chance to test his resolve because Laura and Barney are about his only supporters.

His fanatical religion may have got him off dope and alcohol, but has done nothing to instill the law of the Prophets in him to love God completely and to love his neighbor as himself. He cannot love himself because he is incapable of human love. The concept of love seems so foreign to this man that religion is only a vehicle that he uses for his own edification and for political purposes. His behavior is devoid of any Christian love. He is a callous human, devoid of the slightest shred of humanity. He directs that slain American soldiers not be returned home during daylight but brought home under the cover of darkness. He thinks he can deceive people if he is careful enough because his privileged life has taught him that he will never have a day of reckoning and he can fool everyone all the time.

Impeachment would be an initial step now because impeachment does not need to be completed during his term in office. Impeachment, more importantly, is the process whereby our nation reaffirms the validity of the Constitution, the process made ludicrous by the impeachment of Clinton, the process that needs to be reinstated as the process in which the people correct an erring President and re-establish the rule of constitutional law.

What Bush really deserves is indictment by the UN War Crimes Tribunal for Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes. His behavior has disgraced our country and heaped hate on Americans worldwide.

If there is a God, then vengeance, as He says, is His. And Bush will be a most deserving recipient of God’s vengeance.

Bush’s attack on the rule of law is a direct attack on the idea that is America. His attack is at the essence of democracy, that which makes us a free people, once admired by the world. His signing statements and disdain for our legal system as shown by creating his own laws for the treatment of those he terms enemy combatants will guarantee the permanent destruction of the American way of life. Bush must be removed from office immediately because his actions are also galvanizing the Muslim world to destroy America, while he undermines the fabric of our society.

Instead of protecting our country, his wars provide real motivation to unite our enemies against us. Bush has made us the most hated nation on earth. We must give the Democrats support and courage to impeach Bush by taking to the streets by the millions and demonstrating across the nation--like the French do--to show that the people not Bush have the power. No wonder Bush hates the French. When Bush fears the people of America--really fears the people--impeachment then can begin.

Massive demonstrations are the only way the people can take back their power from this tyrant. The people took back their freedom from another mad King George in 1776; the people, individuals, howling their outrage in the streets like angry wolves is the only way to save America. The people must have the courage to leave their comfort zones and rage their anger in the streets, one individual at a time, until the streets are filled with millions of Americans who love their country. Only the people, one individual at a time, acting courageously, can save our beloved country from the Bush nightmare continuing.

Jack L. Sanchez

Auburn, Ca

Jul 10 2008 - 6:16pm

Web Letter

Impeachment. That is the most serious remedy our forefathers gave us as protection against abuse of authority. That it was frivolously and maliciously employed a decade ago gives one pause in employing it again so soon. Even more, the temptation to throw up our hands and let the clock run out on this pitiful example of so-called leadership would seem a pragmatic thing to do. We certainly don't want to set a precedent that the default answer to any unpopular Administration should be to suffer the indignity of impeachment.

However, the counter-precedent would be to let stand what happened to President Clinton as the standard upon which impeachment should be brought, and that abuses such as those the Bush Administration stands accused of should be considered the correct interpretation of the oath the President and Vice President took to protect and defend the Constitution.

If we as a nation are unwilling to stand up for the very principles upon which this nation was founded, how can we expect the rest of the world to respect us as a moral leader for all that is just and fair? It's never a good time to impeach a leader; there is always something else we'd rather be doing. But if our founding principles are not worth a minute of our time, then I beg to understand what is.

The terrible injustices wrought by our current President must not be ignored. Granting a relaxed and prosperous retirement to Bush on his ranch in Texas, with an implied "Attaboy," would be a disservice to all our honored soldiers who served, were wounded or died in Iraq and Afghanistan and the memory of the 9/11 victims.

Harry Doby

Denver, CO

Jul 7 2008 - 4:18pm

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