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Even if you'd thrown Ralph Nader overboard, that still wouldn't guarantee the voters who voted for him would come out to vote for a candidate you'd prefer to win! Nader voters were choosing Nader instead of the candidate of either of the two major parties. They might not have voted at all had they only been two choices to pick from. Would you just as soon those people had stayed home?

So far, I'm favoring Ron Paul for President. If the Republicans nominate one of their "top tier" candidates, I would likely vote either Libertarian or Democrat before voting for either of the top two Republicans. We really need an intelligent and economical President after Bush, preferrably one who can bring the jobs back to this country!

Lisa A. Cate

Goodhope, MO

Aug 23 2007 - 1:36pm

Web Letter

Along the same despairing tack was a recent David Barsamian NPR interview with David Korten. Barsamian presented Korten's New Age foolishness as political activism and hope for the future. Any day now, Korten says in his canned lecture, the foul patriarchy and its "dominator model" will be replaced by the nurturing "Goddess model." Shazam, a gigantic change in consciousness. All will then be milk and honey for everybody. Korten's scintillating pap was presented in all earnestness by the left.

Gerald Spezio

Willits, CA

Aug 2 2007 - 11:01am