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I think many bloggers give the president too much credit for brains. Yes, I know he taught as an adjunct at UofChi. I know he was editor ofThe Havard Law Review. My point is that, though not a dummy, he is not smarter than most other pols.

If I am wrong, then I should conclude that his motivations are far worse than I believed:
1. Intensifying the war in Af-Pak
2. Continuing the Bush torture and secrecy pleas.
3. Spending our progeny's taxes to rescue big finance with no commitments from them and little reward to the taxpayer.

I could extend the list, but the list shows that what cannot be attributed to behaving "stupidly" must be assigned to wrong-headedness.

Yes, he speaks more nicely than GWB. BO seems an affable fellow for a beer or two. As president, BO is just as bad as GWB (except on stem-cells, abortion, etc.). Moreover, the chances are he will compete with LBJ for the title of the biggest disappointment in presidents over the past fifty years.

kirt girdle

Saint Petersburg, FL

Jul 31 2009 - 1:32pm

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