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How do you reconcile the following two statements in this article?

"All statistics suggest intimate partner violence is on the rise," says Cinzia Tani. "Often the victims are working women, whose husbands or boyfriends cannot tolerate their economic independence," she argues. "Paradoxically, emancipation has increased this kind of violence against women."


Sabahi believes "racist prejudice will not help" stop violence; she believes education is the key. "Institutions should focus on protecting women, rather than bashing culture," Sabahi says. "A good way to make women safer is to make them more educated and more independent economically." According to the World Health Organization, "there is evidence that women with less education are generally more likely to experience violence than those with higher levels of education."

Alan Hausman

Brooklyn, NY

Feb 11 2010 - 5:03pm

Web Letter

Thank you to the author for speaking the truth. Violence against women is a universal problem, unfortunately. To blame these "honor killings" on Islam is erroneous. There is nothing in Islam that calls for this--more accurately, this is a cultural problem.

Violence against women spans all cultures, all religions and all nations. Some have recently taken it upon themselves to focus on Muslim societies, ignoring the fact that it goes on in their very own backyard--and usually at higher rates.

Tina Issa

Chicago, IL

Feb 3 2010 - 8:18pm

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