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I have read and heard that international crimes charges are unlikely to reach Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld, but are likely to be brought against their legal advisers. I believe this should be the path taken within the United States as well. Further, I believe the process is best begun by Congress. Mr. Obama is wise to keep back his public advocacy of prosecution and would be wise to order full cooperation with Congress, and any foreign judiciaries.

In that manner, the full extent of criminal activity will unfold with less overheated and divisive rhetoric from the right, and is more likely to result in a firm case for prosecution, which will eventually reach the highest levels of this detestable cabal of malefactors.

Barry Blitstein

New York, NY

Jan 16 2009 - 9:06am

Web Letter

Obama can do all that Holtzman urges. He should do all that she urges. But he won't.

The same forces that propelled a dying Jack Javits to run against Holtzman for NY senator in '80 on the undemocratic Liberal Party ticket are even more powerful today (vide Schumer), and have boxed in Obama (vide, e.g., Rahm Emmanuel).

Alas, there will be no legal precedents set that in any way limit those forces' freedom of movement... not until they have profoundly discredited themselves. Which may prove too late for our Republic.

That bleak prospect, however, is no reason to give up trying. More power to you, Liz Holtzman.

R.H. Weber

Brooklyn, NY

Jan 15 2009 - 4:21pm