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It is not reasonable to hold China accountable for Darfur.

China is not the root cause of the problem in Darfur. In order to resolve the problem, one should look to the root cause of it. The conflict in the Darfur region is among ethnic groups. International communities should work with them and the Sudanese government to solve the problem there.

China has a policy of not interfering with other countries' internal affairs. This policy is consistent with China's goal of maintaining world peace. However, in the limited case of Darfur, China has sent a small force to the Darfur region participating in the UN peacekeeping efforts there.

China believes having strong trade relations with African countries, including Sudan, will help the social and economic developement in Africa and benefit the African people.

China believes in solving international problems through dialogue instead of force. The United States sent troops to Iraq. That was not the Chinese way.

China plays a check-and-balance role in the interest of a peaceful world. It is not reasonable to blame China for Darfur.

Wayne Wang

East Brunswick, NJ

Jul 14 2008 - 8:26pm

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